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Welcome to Akiika Tours expeditions where the journey into the wild side of East Africa begins. We offer tailor-made safaris to individuals, small and big group tours to the pearl of Africa- Uganda and the entire East Africa. Our mission is to provide tailor-made and personalized packages and services coupled with excellent customer services to meet and surpass the expectations of our guests in a professional ambience with mutual respect, love and cordial communication. Offer tour services that you can never get anywhere else and promote professionalism in Tourism.

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There are few wildlife encounters as exciting as coming eye to eye with the largest, if not most charismatic, of the great apes, the gorilla. What makes this experience so special is difficult to pinpoint. The fact that these gentle giants are so closely related to us (the difference in our nuclear DNA is only 1.6%) probably has something to do with it. Mountain gorillas are naturally restricted to a niche area of forested highlands. Unfortunately, this already-small habitat is shrinking due to overpopulation. The income derived from tourism is crucial to secure their future. By booking a gorilla trekking safari, you have the opportunity to contribute to the fight for their survival.

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We offer tailor-made tours that allow visitors to explore Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Akiika offers a wide variety of tours that allow visitors to combine cultural experiences, trekking, safaris, and birding to suit their interests. Our tour packages include visiting to Uganda’s mighty river Nile, exploring rainforests, seeing wild animals and birds, among other adventures. Our tours can also take you beyond Uganda. Climb Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, discover the land of the great migrations and its large herds of wildlife in Kenya or visit the land of a thousand hills-Rwanda.

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Uganda is indeed the Pearl of Africa, We strive to be the best safaris and tour company in Uganda and East Africa offering exceptional tailor-made packages to individuals and groups so as to make your moments with us a life time experience with great memories.

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By working together with other Tourism Partners and tourism assets on collaborative marketing, it has helped Akiika Expedition tours Uganda create a better experience for the visitor and encourage multiple tourism destinations’ development. As Akiika Expedition tours Uganda we know it that most successful companies build bridges, and the selection of strategic partners with whom to collaborate is becoming more and more important.
Therefore behind collaborating with our partners we agree to work together to achieve a common purpose and undertake a specific task and to share tourism risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits. Don’t hesitate to book with us a safari, you’re in the right hands of people that are easy to collaborate with.